How effective logistics affect customer satisfaction : A literature review


  • SAFAA ENNAGAD Faculté des sciences juridiques économiques et sociales-Agadir Université Ibn Zohr


customer satisfaction, logistics performance, effective, consumer expectations


A satisfied customer is the assurance of having new ones. Indeed, the customer is a major player in the company, occupying an important place in the economic development of any entity and ensuring its sustainability. Having become aware of the importance of this phenomenon, companies are increasingly turning to efficient logistics.

The aim of this article is to show how efficient logistics can improve customer satisfaction by ensuring fast, reliable and accurate delivery of ordered products. Efficient logistics can help to reduce delivery times, minimise order errors and ensure the availability of products in stock. All this helps to meet customer expectations of service quality and reliability, which can increase their satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

The present work explains, through a literature review, a logic that allows us to focus on the concept of logistics performance and its contribution to customer satisfaction, since all efficient logistics have a positive impact on customer expectations.