Engagement towards mobile-ticketing applications: How do North African mobile users build their engagement through perceived service quality?


  • sara HATHOUT ESCA école de management Maroc
  • chaimae HATHOUT ESCA école de management Maroc
  • rihab ABBA ESCA école de management Maroc


perceived quality, mobile-ticketing, mobile users, mobile applications, engagement


Purpose: the aim of this study is to examine the determinants of perceived quality of mobile-ticketing and its impact on the engagement of mobile users towards applications of companies in the tertiary sector.

Design/methodology/approach: an exploratory qualitative study is conducted among end-users of mobile-ticketing applications. Data includes 21 semi-structured interviews with end-users exclusively from service provider platforms.

Findings: this study delimits the determinants of perceived quality for a mobile-ticketing service and their role in the engagement building process towards the Application brand. It shows that engagement is conditioned by the quality of service and satisfaction in a mobile-ticketing context.

Originality: this article extends the theory on perceived service quality by integrating different determinants specific to mobile-ticketing. It is one of the first specialized researches in a mobile service domain and that studies a specific branch of mobile marketing, while the majority of studies address electronic service quality.