The effect of perceived corporate social responsibility activities on corporate evaluation


  • Banté NAKPAKPERE Université de Kara -Togo
  • Doman GNOUFOUGOU Université de Kara -Togo
  • Essonam MAGNANGOU Université de Kara -Togo


CSR, CSR activities, purchase intention, trust, corporate evaluation


This study focused on examining employee and consumer response about company’s involvement in CSR activities. The data were collected through a questionnaires administered to a sample of 375 employee and consumers. Factorial analysis, confirmatory analysis, structure equation model and moderator analysis were conducted using several statistical package such as SPSS, AMOS and PROCESS for Hayes. The study firstly analyses the relationship between employee and consumer perceived CSR activities and purchase intention. Further, the effect of purchases behavior on corporate evaluation was analysis and lastly the moderator effect of trust on the relationship between perceived CSR activities and purchase intention was analyses. The findings revealed a good validity and reliability of the scales used in this research. The results revealed a significant relationship between perceived CSR activities and purchase behavior. Result reveal also a positive and significant relation between individual’s purchase intention and corporate evaluation. In addition the result of moderator effect were validated. Employee and consumer’s trust in corporate do effect the relationship between each dimension of perceived CSR and their purchase intention. Thus, preceived CSR activities has a significant influence on consumer response to corporate evaluation.