Profiles of socially responsible consumers


  • Afef SAHLI University of Tunis El Manar


Socially responsible consumers, distinctive traits, individual variables, cultural variables


This research aims to understand and highlight the distinctive characteristics of socially responsible consumers.Throughout this paper, we have outlined and examined the profile of this consumer by accessing it through various individual, cultural, and sociodemographic variables. The objective of this research is to establish a relationship between attitude and socially responsible purchasing behavior through intention and highlight determinants of this behavior, namely individual variables, variables related to the company, and sociodemographic variables. The results obtained from practical research conducted on this topic confirm this trend. Indeed, the socially responsible products sector (particularly organic and/or ecological products), despite its crisis, has experienced strong growth in terms of consumption, products launched in the market, revenue, and number of companies.

We have attempted to provide clear and direct clarifications to assist researchers and, of course, managers in focusing and orienting themselves more effectively.