Digital transformation in the Moroccan public sector: Literature review, state of the art and perspectives.


  • Salah-Eddine LAAMRAOUI Université Cadi Ayyad- Maroc
  • Abdelhadi GRINE Université Cadi Ayyad- Maroc


Digital Transformation, public service, governance, E-Government, Morocco


Digital transformation will necessarily have the same significant impact and technical/technological contribution requirements in the public or private sector, yet it is presented in different ways in both sectors. As far as the public sector is concerned, it is rare to find a public administration that attempts to seize this advantage, for several reasons. However, Moroccan public organizations seek to provide better services to citizens/users and their satisfaction, while focusing on their sustainable efficiency.

This article aims to establish a synthesis of the literature review and a state of the art to give a set of theoretical contributions and to better identify and understand the problem of Digital Transformation in the Moroccan public sector.