The Contribution of the Agricultural Sector to Economic Growth: A cointegration analysis for Morocco


  • Lamiaa AATTAR Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
  • Saad ELOUARDIRHI Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco


Agricultural sector, Economic Growth, Causality, Cointegration, ARDL


This article aims to determine the contribution of agricultural sector to the economic growth and the causal links between the latter and other sectors namely industry and services in Morocco, through a theoretical and empirical discussion. We use for our investigation, the ARDL cointegration approach and the Toda Yamamoto approach to empirically test the causal relationship. The results show that the agricultural sector has a positive and significant effect on the growth rate of real GDP per capita in the

short and long run, but its effect is lower than that of the other sectors considered in this study. Causal analysis shows the existence of a two-way causal relationship between the agricultural sector and economic growth. Moreover, we found one-way causal relationship from the service sector to both the agricultural growth rate and the GDP per capita. Based on the results obtained, we propose to strengthen the links between agriculture and the other sectors to increase the impact of agricultural growth on the development of all sectors. In this regard, Morocco must develop strong competitive advantages, particularly in research and development in the agro-industrial productive system.