State of play on the level of integration and use of information systems in Moroccan VSEs-SMEs


  • Maryem ALAOUI Hassan II University of Casablanca


information systems, Moroccan VSEs and SMEs, integration of information systems, information technology


Very Small Enterprises-Small and Medium Enterprises (VSEs-SMEs) are characterized throughout the world either by the number of employees, or by the level of assets or turnover, or by both. Given their importance in the global economy and the rapidly changing context of the economic environment, these VSEs-SMEs are forced to adopt information systems integration projects that would allow them not to fall behind to advances in modern technology. However, in the case of Moroccan VSEs-SMEs, several obstacles prevent them and put them below average, in terms of understanding their market. This document presents the results of the study regarding the situation of integration and use of information systems at the level of Moroccan VSEs-SMEs based on the results of a survey carried out among a sample of 98 VSEs and SMEs. The results of this exploration show that a large majority of Moroccan VSEs and SMEs are poorly equipped with information systems.